Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Hello goodbye

Yesterday we said bye to the community of Jalonga and this afternoon we say bye to all of the wonderful people who have made our stay at the Kellogg retreat center something special. However, tonight we say hello to new adventures, new experiences, and new perspectives. Today, we say hello to Santo Domingo.

This weekend was very relaxing. We had plenty of time to walk around the community and nearby neighborhoods of San Pedro de Macoris to learn more about the Dominican Republic's culture. Saturday night, we had the opportunity to  attend a Roman Catholic mass at the cathedral we drive by every day, and Sunday morning we got the chance to go to a Protestant church right down the road. It was great to see that a lot of us could follow along throughout both services. Different place. Different language. Same faith. 

Yesterday was probably the most eye opening thing we've been through this far. It came to that point in the afternoon when we had to say goodbye to the people who we had worked alongside in Jalonga. It was hard to tell whether or not the kiddos understood that we weren't coming back today, but it was very apparent that they had no troubles grasping that concept when they started chasing the vans as we drove away. 

Even though that moment was very bittersweet, in the grand scheme of things, it was very eye opening. How awesome is it that we all became that attached to the people of Jalonga after only a week of meeting them. How awesome is it that we hardly know these people and we want nothing but the best for their individual futures. How awesome is it that we just visited this community a week ago and we want nothing more than to see the most promising changes in their own perspectives, their leadership, and all of their spiritual and economical growth. Personally, I think we all finally figured out in our hearts that we came here to build relationships, not walls.

We are leaving the Kellogg center in about a half hour. We hope to arrive to the seminary around 5 where tonight will be spent getting acquainted with the new people and new atmosphere. 

We hope all of our moms had a great Mother's Day on Sunday! 

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