Friday, May 2, 2014

Snoozin & treats.

Snoozin and treats, treats and snoozin. That right there pretty much sums up our day thus far.

We arrived in Santo Domingo around 1:30 this afternoon and have been emersed in the Spanish language ever since. However, before claiming our luggage, exchanging money and going through customs seemed to go rather seamlessly. We were welcomed with open arms near the exit by Karen who charismatically waved a sign that said "Wartburg College." Karen is a missionary that lives at the seminary we will be traveling to later in our stay and was the person that coordinated our bus ride to the Kellogg Retreat Center which is where we currently reside.

3 things we've noticed since being here:
It's hot!...and humid.
Spanish is an increasingly fast speaking language. 
Dinner smells unbelievably good. 

To wrap up, all of us would like to rest assure our family and friends that we have made it here safely! We would also like to thank whoever it is that helped each and every one of us make this trip possible.

Even though a majority of this day has been spent napping and then snacking and then napping again, we can tell that this is going to be a wonderful journey that will create new perspectives, develop new friendships, and test our taste buds. 

All is well!

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